Pushout Theft General Statistics

What are the Pushout Theft General Statistics?

Statistics Category2017 Full Year2016 Full Year2015 Full Year
Average Pushout Theft Dollar Amount:$803$551$562
Percentage of Pushout Thefts that Ended in Violence:13.9%10%8%
Percentage of Pushout Theft Merchandise NEVER Recovered:44%42%50%
Percentage of Pushout Thefts that Were Organized Retail Crime (ORC):37.7%32%N/A*
Percentage of Pushout Thefts Where the Shoplifter(s) Were NOT Caught:38.4%45%N/A*
Average Amount of Pushout Shoplifters:11 Person2 People
Average Pushout Shoplifter Age:38 Years Old35 Years Old33 Years Old
Time of the Day with the Highest Pushout Thefts:Afternoon (12:01 PM - 5:00 PM)Afternoon (12:01 PM - 5:00 PM)Afternoon (12:01 PM – 5:00 PM)
Day of the Week with the Highest Pushout Thefts: ThursdayWednesdayTuesday

*Data unavailable.

Statistics were sourced by Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.