Duo accused of $3,600 in Walmart liquor thefts with aid of children

Duo accused of $3,600 in Walmart liquor thefts with aid of children

By Jefferson Robbins

CHELAN — Two Bridgeport suspects are accused of using children to carry out multiple thefts of liquor from the Chelan Walmart that amounted to $3,600 in value.

Angel Hernandez Garcia, 28, and Nanci Kay Lagrou, 28, were arrested Thursday by Chelan County sheriff's deputies, who now seek criminal charges of theft with intent to resell and trafficking in stolen property. The two allegedly shoplifted liquor and smaller goods from Walmart in three separate visits, on July 10, 14 and 23.

Two of the incidents involved children or minors used as apparent accomplices, deputies said. In one instance, a minor child pushed a shopping cart full of concealed stolen liquor out of the store, while Hernandez and Lagrou followed at a distance. The two allegedly used plastic tote barrels from the store to conceal the bottles.

Store managers discovered the loss during an inventory check in late July and identified Hernandez and Lagrou from video surveillance. Deputies arrested both during a traffic stop Thursday at Apple Acres Road and Highway 150 after they were spotted in the store a fourth time. Four juvenile children were in the vehicle with them.

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